Clarke Titus is the founder, designer, and fabricator of Rough South Home. He graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in English - Creative Writing Focus. Clarke is a self-taught craftsman and traveled through the major cities of the Southeast, building, renovating, and maintaining retail stores until 2011. In the Summer of 2011, he created Rough South Home, a constantly evolving collection of hand-made and one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

Clarke Titus


“Rough South Home is my narrative environment that emphasizes the use of unique materials.

It is an attempt to cultivate an aesthetic that I not only stand behind, but also live within. I create the things that I need and the pieces that I want, and then I try, whenever possible, to make those things unlike any I’ve ever seen.

My work comes from recognizing the importance of second and third chances for all kinds of things, constantly pushing to be better, and hoping to share part of the story that overlooked materials are waiting to tell us.

In the end, I love what I end up making and I hope that you do, too.” - Clarke Titus

Inside the RSH workshop located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, GA as Clarke works on the new Summer 2014 line.